The Great Barter System Lie

There is a lot I could say about the Federal Reserve and our money.  There’s just one thing you need to know in order to understand the facts I’m about to present: we have a fiat currency, meaning it isn’t backed by anything except the word of our government and the paper it is printed on.  If you didn’t know this already, you may be asking yourself “What the *&^%?”  For a long time I was wondering that, as well as “how did americans fall for this?”  When I learned that the Federal Reserve(the Fed) was created in complete secrecy by 7 bankers, one senator(Nelson Aldrich, who married into the Rockefeller family), and his secretary, I began to to watch the Fed.  I happened to be looking at the New York Fed’s website, when I discovered “The Great Barter System Lie.”

I discovered the education material given to teachers to tell elementary students.  It is a blatant lie, designed to make our currency seem like the only reasonable option.  They tell our children, that the barter system was the economic system prior to our own.  That is not true, gold and silver were used as currency prior to our fiat money system.  While bartering has always been a common occurrence, even today, the barter system has NEVER been used as the predominant economic system of a country(source).

These people make the barter system to seem like some bizarre, idiotic economic system, so of course our children are led to believe our money system makes perfect sense.  It’s basic psychology and propaganda.  They even have an absurd play, that would have never occurred in real life.

They tell our children that cattle were used as money.  I would like to know when and where cattle was used as money.  Cattle may have been traded once in a while, but it was never used as a currency like they claim.  They do mention sea shells were used as currency in some places; however, they don’t mention one time that gold and silver were the predominant currencies in the past.  Gold and silver were the most common currencies used for the past 6,000 years.    But they tell us the non-existent barter system was the most common economic system.  This is what we are taught when we are children; this is what you were taught as a child.  I actually remember learning about the barter system, and I can even recall a play being done at my school, but that’s besides the point.  I’m a psychology major, and I can tell you that what they tell us is about as close to actual brainwashing as you can get.  They basically brainwash us into accepting a fiat currency that’s worth absolutely nothing.

If you’re mad now, wait until what I show you next.   What did we actually use as currency before the Federal Reserve was unconstitutionally given supreme authority over our money and therefore economy?  You’re probably guessing gold and silver.  And you would be right.  While gold and silver coins were used, we also had paper certificates that were backed by silver and gold, so you could carry your money around easily.  We had the most beautiful currency, that was actually backed by something real.

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